Operator Alert: Tell employees to pay extra close attention to cash in store

There is some funny money making the rounds in Abilene and the East Texas region.

There is some funny money making the rounds in Abilene and the East Texas region.  There were two incidents recently that were uncovered.  The way money usually works is that it will circulate in a region so I want to make sure everyone is upping the amount of attention put towards identifying counterfeit bills.  


Incident #1: Fake 'movie' money used at movie theater and other Abilene businesses (KTXS News).

Abilene police are investigating a case they hope will have a Hollywood ending.  APD’s Fraud Unit says suspects have made purchases at more than 20 local businesses using counterfeit bills made specifically for use in the movies. Ironically, one of the places that accepted the funny money was a movie theater.


Link: http://www.ktxs.com/news/fake-money-used-as-movie-prop-circulating-in-abilene/167827285


Incident #2:  Movie money found in East Texas.  (Longview Journal)

There have been additional news articles on the use of the counterfeit “movie” money in East Texas as well.  The Longview Journal posted an article that the “movie” money has been reported in other parts of East Texas such as: Lufkin, Diboll, and Jasper.


Link: https://www.news-journal.com/news/2016/aug/29/fake-movie-money-hits-et/


This blog post was written by Michael Brown, President of CAB Consulting and the Texas Organization of Financial Service Centers.  He can be reached at 214-293-8676, or Michael@CreditAccessBusiness.com.